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A screenshot of the website Northern Michigan RV

Northern Michigan RV

is an RV dealership in Gaylord, MI. We have worked closely with them to provide Branding, Search Engine Optimization, and all of their web development needs.

A screenshot of the website CaterWaiter


contacted us to produce branding and a responsive website design. Through several design iterations we settled on an intuitive solution for their users to find restaurants and have their order delivered.

A screenshot of the website For The Love of Taxes

For The Love of Taxes

requested that we create a web presence for a rebranding. We worked with them to develop an unique, professional identiy and web presence.


Current clients can receive $100 for referrals. This is contingent upon referrals resulting in a website and service agreement.
Terms and conditions may apply. Please contact Kryten for more information.

Services & Process


An example wireframe of a web page.

Brochure, Data-Driven Web Apps, and everything inbetween.

All our websites feature Responsive Design. Responsive Websites are designed to adjust the Website to the size of the screen that is viewing it. This allows your website to be easily viewed on Tablets, Phones, and Computers. Designing your website to conform to the many different standards allows you to reach a much wider audience which will increase your website traffic.


Chart showing potential SEO gains over time.

Search Engine Optimization: Increase traffic through higher SERPs

Search Engine Optimization is the ever-evolving process of making your website more appealing to users and search engines. We optimize your website’s content to increase inbound search engine traffic. Through ongoing SEO we will promote your website through tailored strategies specific to your market.

Brand Strategry

Bullseye with a mouse cursor.

A unique brand is the key to bring our clients to the forefront.

Designing a cohesive brand is an important part of expanding your business. With proper branding your business will be more recognizable and will stand out in your customer’s minds. We will work with you to design your brand and create the face of your company. If you have branding already we can incorporate it into the websites design.

We have worked to bring simplicity to our processes. We begin with a introduction so that you can get to know us and we can learn about what your needs are. From there we will brainstorm on actionables. After that we bring our thoughts to you in a clear and consise manner. We get to work. At any point we're more than happy to answer any questions you have.